Daily Food Prices Data

CEDA Daily Food Prices Data

The Price Monitoring Cell under the Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) has been collating daily retail and wholesale prices of 22 essential commodities from more than 100 centres across India since 2009. These centres are selected to represent the broad geographic regions of the country and are continuously updated. As of March 31, 2022, the data is being collected from 179 centres. The details on methodology used for collating and validating the price data is provided on the DoCA website, and the original price reports are available here. The CEDA data portal provides visualizations of daily retail and wholesale prices for each commodity at the centre, zone and all-India level with daily updation of price data. This enables users to monitor granular changes in food prices in the Indian economy in real-time. Moreover, the portal permits users to access the raw data in an easily downloadable format. Details on the various indicators and the tool's features are provided in the README file.

CEDA also constructs two daily-level food price indices for the retail and wholesale markets of urban India, based on the DoCA data. Methodological details for constructing the indices are provided here. The portal allows users to visualize these indices in a daily or monthly mode for all 22 commodities or the various commodity sub-groups present.